March 2022 Bucket List

Hello Friends! Happy March, I hope you’ve been well.
The weather here in Florida is varying between cool and warm, and I am grateful for that.

I’ve always been a bit bad about having a night routine to sleep but recently I’m being more intentional about it so I’ve been reading and journaling at night in bed to prepare to go to sleep, so I added that to my bucket list for this month. I also want to try new recipes this month and I’ve been wanting to bake some brownies (side note: I do the boxed mix ones since from scratch it never turn out good for me! 😅)
I’ve also started working out again, if you’ve been putting it off because of the cold weather, perhaps now is good time as ever to start back again. I hope this month has been a good one for you. Remember that “you are loved with and everlasting Love and underneath are the Everlasting arms (of Jesus.)” -Elisabeth Elliot

Here are my 10 Bucket List ideas for March:

1-Take a day trip nearby
2-Send a voice note to a friend
3-Switch out seasonal closet
4-Try cooking a new recipe
5-Read a book at night in bed
6-Go walking at sunset
7-Treat yourself to a new set of pjs
8-Start working out again
9-Bake brownies
10-Go to a bookstore

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