Are you overwhelmed and discouraged? Or need more encouragement in your daily life.

Maybe you are looking for inspiration, encouragement and a community where you are loved and empowered? Do you love pretty things, great quotes and inspiring content? Then you’ll feel right at home here!

This is a space for inspiration

Sara Rodriguez

I have worked for over 10 years as an administrative assistant learning along the way. And I have always been in the look out for beauty and encouragement, and know the value of a supportive community around you.

This desire to start a site came in August of 2015. I wanted to bring more to the world than what I had been sharing on Instagram. Here I have the opportunity to do what I had been aspiring to do since I was a girl; one was to work in an office filling papers and working on a computer, (which I have had the privilege of doing) and the other was that I wanted to someday write something important and share it with others.

I currently live in the heart of Florida, USA. I’m a Honduras native and a bilingual, as you will notice on my Instagram account, that I usually post both in English and Spanish. 🙂

I don’t claim to know it all, I am in a process, a masterpiece in the making, but I am becoming more like Jesus Christ each day, and the day that I will finally get it all right is the day I find myself before my Savior. Finally a work of art completed!

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