November 2022 Bucket List

Hello Friends! Long time no see! I should say long time no read, lol. I took a break from blogging the October Bucket List 2022 last month, I am truly sorry. Things just felt a bit off for me. But this month I am back with the November Bucket List. I hope you are all […]

September 2022 Bucket List

Hello friends, I have for you, this month’s bucket list of ideas.  I hope as always that you are doing well!  I am excited for the cooler weather of fall, though it is still warm here, I am still enjoying the warm weather while it’s here.  Recently I have read and re-read the book called […]

August 2022 Bucket List

Hello friends! This month’s bucket list I decided to make it for you. I hope you who are out there somewhere in the world, are enjoying this summer of 2022 to the fullest and I hope that you can find some of these ideas fun or interesting. Now these are of course, in my opinion […]