QUOTE: Cherish these Moments- Tomorrow they’ll be Memories.

In life we have some good moments, we are happy, everyone is healthy, your friends and family are near, and then come the difficult moments, we moved, a family member lost their health, so many things can happen but it is in the hard times when we can look back at the good times and if we’ve saved a memento from that moment, a picture, a note, a piece of jewelry, a ticket, a souvenier, anything that can remind us of the good times, we’ll re-live those times and it will be of nourishment to our souls. Sometimes these moments are only in our memories in our minds and hearts.
I want to challenge you to not go through life just going through the motions or being so busy that we don’t stop and see what has been happening around you. Maybe you have small children and the days are long and hard, but if you cherish each moment you will make lasting memories with your kids, the same is with your parents, friends, coworkers. Or maybe you are in college or in school and exams are hard and you are working hard to study for tests that you barely have a life, these days will soon be gone and you will have graduated so cherish each moment. One day when you are 70 you will remember with a happy heart these days, and relive those scenes in your mind and will have stories to tell your grandkids.
I’m not sure but I think with the coming of more technology we may have lost the art of giving a note to someone whether it is to say thanks for covering for me at work, or a letter to your grandparents, a birthday card filled with well wishes, a funny note to your friends.
So write that thank you card for a service someone did for you, send an I miss you card to that friend you haven’t seen in a while. Moments don’t last, they are only for a second, snap a picture and you’ll have memories to go back to when the times are not so good.

“Cherish these Moments- Tomorrow they’ll be Memories.”

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