10 Ways We Waste Time

 *cover photo taken form Google images. The rest of the photos are taken by me.
When trying to be efficient, wasting time is something you try to avoid.
We want to give our all to the work at hand.
But the truth is there are times when we are focused, working on something, when a notification from social media pops up and grabs our attention so we stop doing what we were doing to see it and spend a couple of minutes there because one thing leads us to another.
As I did some research I thought that instead of looking at what to do to not waist time, we would look at the ways we actually waste time to help us look at ourselves and see in which these ways we waist time. Successful people make good use of their time because it is valuable, they set a specific time to do a certain task. Maybe this will help to correct our ways of waisting time throughout the day and help us be more productive and effective at any kind of work we are doing.
facebook surfing
  1. Social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) Constant checking for likes or comments, browsing.
  2. The Internet. Online window shopping, wasting time on things that don’t add anything to your life.
  3. Excessive TV. Binge watching on Netflix. Watching a tv show just because it’s on and there is nothing else to watch. Spending hours and hours watching tv.
  4. Video Gaming. Trying to beat your score or get to the next level playing for hours. Staying up late playing.
  5. Email. Instead of having dedicated time to check emails, constantly checking and responding to each email that comes in throughout the day.
  6. Cell phone/ texting. Specially while at work, texting friends every second.
  7. Gossip. Instead of talking to a friend who needs support, they speak with others about people, spread false rumors about other people, celebrities, they talk about people not about important ideas.
  8. Complaining. Always complaining about things instead asking, this also affects those around you.
  9. Not admitting you are on a break. Surfing the internet at work, staring off into space, texting, social networking are breaks, but since we aren’t “officially” on a break we are stressing about the work at hand so you don’t enjoy that time off. So dedicate full attention to your work and full attention to the time you spend enjoying a break.
  10. Putting off quick tasks. Putting of make a payment when it only take a couple of seconds to do on your phone, or to make the bed.
When we waste time, we waste our life.
Time will not return, and we can’t add extra time to a day.
King David said this about life:

picture I took of flower

“LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered–how fleeting my life is. You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath.”
~ Psalm 39:4-5 

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