5 Free Fall Ideas

I thought you might like some ideas for things to do during this fall season that are free or inexpensive. This past week I have been at home most of the days without actually going out that much, which led me to make this small list of ideas for fall also for my own use too, because sometimes we don’t necessarily want to spend that much and still do fun and interesting things.
  • Take a drive in the country and take fall pictures. It’s nice to just get out of the city and drive through the country and see those small towns, see the farms and smell the fresh air. The only thing this will require is that you car have gas and maybe take some drinks and a snack to munch on while driving.
  • Bake cookies. I am personally craving chocolate chip cookies at this time,  you could make sugar cookies and decorate them.
  • Go on a picnic to a park. Take a baguette of your favorite bread and some ham, cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and anything else you may want to add plus drinks.
  • Start setting goals for the new year. I think since we are in October, it is a good time to start thinking about what hasn’t worked this year and how we can do things better and differently next year. To set goals that we would like to accomplish in the new year, places to go and projects we want to do.
  • Check your community calendar for activities in your city. Fairs, movie nights, festivals. Many times these are free events and require a small fee. This can provide so many fun things to do during these months.
  • Make a thankfulness list. This is good for the heart, through doing this it helps us feel more positive emotions, improve our health, it helps us connect with people, to something larger than ourselves, to God (a higher power).Write what you are thankful for during the week, for events and seasons in your life in the past.
Hope you are having a good autumn season,     enjoying salted caramel lattes, baking cookies every once in a while and making time to do something you enjoy doing.


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