December 2021 Bucket List

Hello friends, Happy December! I truly hope you are well and staying safe this holiday season. I have to say to you the older I get I don’t want life to take a way the love and wonder for this season of the year… Christmas and the miracle that this life is. Summer is fun and exciting and you feel young, then comes Fall to remind you to change and that there is still room to grow, and winter which we are about to start when some plants die, but this is only for a while, it is a time to rest and ground yourself and also learn to wait patiently for the joy and beauty that Spring brings with the flowers blooming and love is in the air… And so goes the circle of life. And thankfully if we are alive we Get to Live it and make the most of our days here…to know who our Creator and Savior is and to find who we are and discover what things we can do to bring good to others and live happy and wholesome lives.

Here I have for you this December 2021’s Bucket List:

1-Put the Christmas Lights outside at home
2-Prepare ideas for Christmas Eve Menu
3-Spend time doing an activity you enjoy.
4-Write Christmas cards for friends.
5-Go to a Holiday Concert.
6-Shop small businesses.
7-Go see Christmas lights at homes.
8-Take a Family Photo.
9-Listen to Christmas Music
10-Volunteer or Donate
11-Watch your Favorite Christmas Movies
12-Bake desserts
13-Plan ideas for New Years Eve dinner
14-Write down goals, plans for 2022!
15-Write a gratitude Note for the year 2021 and what you learned and how you grew.

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