March 2021 Bucket List

Hello again friends! Spring is finally here and we are all here for it. This winter though necessary has been quite long and trying for some of us or maybe all of us. If you live in Texas, in the US, I am really sorry if you were affected by the unexpected snowstorms. Trials help us build character and help us grow and learn more about life and ourselves and help others look for ways to help us.

So I welcome you to March 2021… Last year the pandemic stopped us all in our tracks. But it’s a new day, a new year, a new month. We can grow and learn from last year. Hopefully wherever you are, you are getting out of lockdowns, and are free to live, haha! So here are some ideas of things I will be doing to rest, find inspiration, get outside and enjoy this only life we’ve been given. I hope you enjoy these and maybe add some to your list!

March Bucket List:

1-Beach Day on weekend
2-Plant Seeds (finally!)
3-Spring Break Outing to Nearby City (weekend)
4-Sit outside a cafe and people watch and read.
5-Work on an Unfinished Project.
6-If you began this year working out but stopped or never started, start again! This is your sign to start again.
7-Buy flowers or a candle.
8-Self care night (Breathing excersises whatever makes you comfortable and happy).
9-Eat out with a friend.
10-Spend time outdoors, enjoying the weather.

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