My 2021 Wishlist

Today is December 31, 2020! Last day of 2020, and the question of what is 2021 going to be like is on my mind. Since I can’t see what’s in the future the best I can do is anticipate things and prepare for them. Let’s hope for a better year!

This year a great number of Americans began a home garden to have readily available vegetables and fruits in case they can’t get them at the grocery store and because we had been locked down in the beginning of this pandemic.

I also started a small garden, and it made it more obvious of how little I know about gardening, I planted a couple vegetables but one of the vegetables, a pumpkin, outgrew it’s place where it was planted and it killed the other smaller plants that were close to it. I learned that not all plants like each other so you need to know which plants go with which, and plants like a pumpkin need more space to grow.

For this new year I will give gardening a try again. This time I will plant things that might be easier to grow, like lettuce, onions, carrots. Let’s hope everything goes well this year in my gardening haha!

Another habit that a lot of people got encouraged to do was reading books, many began a book club and I think that is a great way to stay off of phones.

I see that a lot of book clubs though are about fiction books, though that is great I much prefer reading books where I can learn something and apply it to my life.

I Like self help books, biographies and memoirs, business books, health and wellness, home organization, money and finance, relationships and personal growth, religion and spirituality, and about science. This will definitely be a habit I continue this coming new year.

I am not a doctor so please take what a say with a grain of salt. I started on to better my health by taking some vitamins which my body was needing like omega 3, vitamin D3( to boost immunity) vitamin C( also for immunity) magnesium (to lower stress) and a multi vitamin. I am also going to be more active by walking, doing weights, and some stretching. Taking a walk outside and getting some vitamin D from the sun everyday is essential.

It’s important to manage our income well and prepare for an emergency. Many people don’t have an emergency fund of at least 1,000 dollars to start with if you have a lot of debt. It is recommended that a fund for three to six month of expenses be started once you have paid of any debt. This emergency fund is for home/rent payment, food per person in household, utilities, number of cars you own, car payments and insurance, health insurance. Treat your emergency fund as an insurance policy. You are protecting yourself if something goes wrong.
Paying your debts, whether they be credit card debt, car payment, mortgage, or school loans is important to have them paid for as soon as possible.
Here’s a more detailed and practical information for how to do this .

I hope you enjoyed this post and may this be a great 2021! May we be blessed with health and strength for whatever may come this new year. God bless you all.

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