Summer COVID-19 Bucket List

Hello again friends, as we all know we are dealing world wide with the pandemic of Coronavirus, COVID-19 and the US has declared a National Emergency and the public has been asked to practice social distancing by staying at home if you are sick and wearing a mask when doing errands and when with other people.

I have been MIA from blogging for a while, I have been unable to write, but I found the spark again and I am hoping to write more frequently.

Today I wanted to do a Summer Bucket List because I wanted to encourage us to enjoy the summer while at home and at the same time being productive and as we also do our work responsibilities.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Create a Family Cookbook with your favorite recipes and recipes you’d like to try.
  2. Go out on evening walks around your neighborhood.
  3. Watch a Documentary that interests you.
  4. Start a side hustle.
  5. Start a Prepper Pantry.
  6. Organize your skin care and beauty products.
  7. Read those books you’ve been wanting to read but have put in the back burner.
  8. Go out for ice cream
  9. Have an outdoor bbq
  10. Watch Hamilton on Disney Plus (if you haven’t already!)

Hope you are having fun while staying safe this Summer 2020!

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