September 2022 Bucket List

Hello friends, I have for you, this month’s bucket list of ideas. 

I hope as always that you are doing well!  I am excited for the cooler weather of fall, though it is still warm here, I am still enjoying the warm weather while it’s here. 

Recently I have read and re-read the book called Devotedly by Valerie Elliot Shepard. It’s really good if you like a romantic biography. It’s the love story and love letters of missionaries to the jungles of Ecuador, in the 1950’s, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. I love their story, check it out if you find this interesting!

So without any more talking from me, here is the September 2022 Bucket List:


1-Take a pottery class

2-Enjoy an afternoon of self-care (skin care, nail polish, etc…)

3-Go to the movies with a friend

4-Visit a Museum

5-Visit a Botanical Garden

6-Dive into a book of the Bible that calls your attention

7-Take a stroll around your city/town

8-Learn/Read about other cultures 

9-Read more about history

10-Go to a Farmers market

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