September 2021 Bucket List

Hi again friends! I hate to start by saying I am sorry it has taken me till the end of the month to write this. But September came and we all have been looking forward for the cooler days and nights, right?! And for those of you who enjoy a good pumking latte or any pumkin drink or dessert I hope you get to enjoy some this season as well.

I hope these coming last days of September you might find an idea in this month’s bucket list useful and inspiring!

These are the days we get to live and hopefully we can make the most of them and also have some joyful moments making memories.

Here is this months Bucket List:

1-Themed Movie Night at Home

2- Make a Fall Music Playlist

3-Read for fun! Not just for self development.

4-Bake! Find a recipe and bake with ingredient already in your pantry.

5-Take a roadtrip or outing to a town/city nearby with siblings or friends and listen to each other’s playlists.

6-Decorate for Fall. (Bring out your decorations)

7-Light a candle at night for a calming ambient.

8-Challenge yourself to do chores while listening to classical music! It’s a different game.

9-Make family plans for Christmas!

10-Drink a hot tea at night or in thw morning.

11-Make a donation to a nonprofit for a cause that gets you excited to help others!

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