January Bucket List 2018

We are at the end of January! I know, but the month is not over and I still wanted to make a bucket list for the month which are of things I have started doing or that I have already done this month. These are some ideas for those days that you would like to do something different. I hope they help you out these last few days of the month or as the year progresses.
Here is my January Bucket List:
-Make plans for the New Year. And make it a plan to learn more about setting goals and become great at it.
-Start a Journal. Grab a notebook you already have in your home and start there.
-Get and start a Planner Or Agenda.
-Start a book reading list. List any books you would like to read this year.
-Read a New Book.
-Watch nominated movies for the Oscars.
-Invite a friend out to have coffee and talk.
-Write an old fashioned note to your friends.
-Get flowers for someone you are grateful for.
-Start a hobby or cultivate one you already have. Like Painting, playing an instrument, photography, baking, playing a new sport, etc.
-Start a New Devotional. (Apart from your daily Bible reading plan.) There are free devotionals in the Bible app.
-Do yourself a manicure at home.
-Start a new candle.
-Take pictures of you and family playing in the snow, if where you live snows.
-Make a Visión Board.  .https://youtu.be/KG2x-3Yzb-U
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 1.19.25 PM

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