Autumn Playlist

Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it.  ~Stevie Wonder


Music has always been a part of my life there is nothing easier to memorize than a song you love. With the help of music streaming services and also being able to download a purchased song to your computer or phone it is easier to have various playlists in a more compact and in digital form.

I have recently made a Spotify playlist with songs. I enjoy listening to it as I drive or during my free time. Here is the link to the playlist I have made, click here to hear my Spotify Autumn Playlist

Here are the names of the songs:

  1. Concerning Hobbits -Howard Shore

2. Autumn Leaves -Eric Clapton

3. Ophelia – The Lumineers

4. Bloom (Online Bonus Track) – The Paper Kites

5. The Breaking of the Fellowship – Howard Shore

6. Home – Phillip Phillips

7. Better Together – Us The Duo

8. You’re It – Gabe Bondoc

9. The Council Of Elrond -Howard Shore

10. King of The World – Natalie Grant

11. This Cup – Sara Groves

12. halo – Lewis Watson

13. So Much More Than This – Grace VanderWaal

14. Ho Hey – The Lumineers

15. Lift Me Up -Imaginary Future

16. Every Mile Mattered – Nichole Nordeman

17. Enough – Sara Groves

19. Love Looks Beautiful – Ginny Owens

20. Hush, Hush – Nichole Nordeman

If you would like to hear these songs click here



**Disclaimer** Featured image taken from Google images.

Ps. Leave me a comment of any other songs that would be great for an autumn playlist.

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