Fall Bucket List

Fall is a beautiful time of the year in its own way. Once it’s officially autumn the air starts to feel differently, there is just a different scent in the air. Even though here in Florida you can go out without a sweater most days, I love to wear booties, jeans and some kind of jacket or cardigan any day.
Every month I try to make a bucket list of things I would like to do. Sometimes I do all the things I have listed, and sometimes I only do a few. This time around I decided to do the list by season. So here are some ideas for things to do this fall…

Fall Bucket List
-Go to a pumpkin patch and take pictures

-Pick out the perfect pumpkin

-Attend a soccer game (Orlando City) or to an american football game (Gators)

-Decorate for fall

-Go to a concert

-Watch the Lord of the Rings or a dark movie like that

-Sort through your summer clothes and get the fall/winter clothes out

-DIY a front door wreath

-Burn some new candles

-Put together a large puzzle

-Bake a pie

-Add new items to your Thanksgiving dinner menu

-Make a New Music Playlist for Fall

-Watch Charlie Brown Movies

-Make hot chocolate

Leave me a comment if you have other suggestions for things to do in the fall, I would love to know what you do in the fall.

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